The IoT allows companies to collect information in real time and process it easily, obtaining inmediate results.


Solutions that adapt to customer needs. They are easily and transparently integrated with their management systems. Scalable and open solutions.


The return on investment (ROI) of our solutions is achieved in many cases in less than a year. A simple analysis allows quantifying the savings achieved.


The objectives are reached in the established periods of time. This generates benefits for the organization since we make things happen by planning intelligently.


Turnkey products ranging from device design, App programming, or the web environment for centralized facility management.



Above all, simple, with user management and privileges, automatic report generation, alarm sending by SMS, email, from the APP, integrated web server (for web viewing, «front end» and «back end», Visualization of the downloaded histories through statistical graphs, management of multiple remote stations), the possibility of exporting the records, and real-time reading.


This allows us to manage users and their access privileges, in addition to sharing all the data in a centralized way.


Full control from any device and anywhere in the world, making real modifications.

Still haven’t convinced you? watch this:


Free mobile application for control, with device map representations, graph display, alarm generation.



Our Apps

Save money with IoT (Internet of Things). Our applications are totally free

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aplicacion de monitorizacion de agua
aplicacion de monitorización de leche en granjas y explotaciones
aplicacion de monitorización de agua en depósitos

Our clients say

Opinions of managers of municipalities, and company technicians.

“Previous consulting work was exceptional. I recommend their services without a doubt, and the technical service is really a 24×7”

Roberto Fernández | Mayor, Ribeira de Piquín

“They don’t sell you anything you don’t need, with their help we were able to improve our drinking water system at City Hall, even implementing a tailored solution for PAG records”

Primitivo Sierra | Mayor, A Pastoriza

Milk is a living product, it is vitally important to know the temperature variations to which the product is subjected, in order to prevent unwanted bacteriological states that lead to economic losses in farms and in processing companies ”. With DATALACT we have full control.

Ivan Cid

CEO, Ps Vet Dairy Quality

In milk, temperature and time are the parameters that bacteria manage to multiply. DATALACT’s alarm system detects the temperature error in real time and allows you to act and correct before the product is in danger. Otherwise the probability that when you detect it is late is greater.

Matilde Hernández Solís

Director SSTT Campo, Naturleite

“In our case we have spent several years trying to make a more efficient management of the Municipal Water Service and this application helps us to do this, it allows us, among other things, to know the evolution of the water level in the reservoirs throughout the day, so we were able to reduce spending on electrical energy”

Cati Iglesias

Environment Technician, Concello A Pastoriza

DATALACT is an innovative solution that allows real-time monitoring of milk stored in the tank. The data obtained makes it possible to know: the cooling temperature, the cooling time as well as monitoring the conditions of CIP cleaning, all these parameters contribute to maintaining the food safety of milk and establishing control measures against any deviation.

Francisco Rivas Amil

Adviser Agropecuario Nestlé




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